when: 7, 8, 9, 10 e 11 de Dezembro de 2007.
- Central Market - Coreto - Avante / Lençóis - Bahia


the art of re:volving knowledge logos by practices and disorienting the practices by the immersion in sub-knowledge, from December 7th the 11th 2007, in Lençóis, Bahia

"The capitalist, patriarcal and spectacular system, does not function in the base of meetings, being them ministerial or dignitary. The heart of the spectacular-mercantile society is made of crystal, of polishing glasses that at the same time reflect the picture of the consumer, and the deified commodity presented to them. Breaking the symbols of the oppression, the glass case and the domain on goods that could be useful in another way, the Black Block reached the first victory that would open the new millenium?" Nicolas Phebus

Where are they?

Which are the masks and machines that the capitalist domination wears? 

The cultural domination is a long date effect, of an underground form. Even before capitalism, there were already problems in relation to races, chaste and gender, determinative and perpetuated in the formation of society such as it is nowadays. Values that are introjected and reproduced, consciously or unconsciously.

There is no doubt that the state is one of the primary domination system in capitalism politics - throughout armies, policies, schools, legislatures, pharaonic buildings, job generation, militant and activists cooptation, maintenance of corporative systems etc. Obviously this is not the only, nor the bigger or the most efficient one. It is also strenghtened by institutions such as the churches and the family, autonomous related to the former, with its own mechanisms of decision and control, where it is left to patriarchy manage the norms between macro-systems.

Ubiquitous, global neo-liberal capital is conjured on entities such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI), the World Trade Organization (WTO), Free Trade Agreements (FTA), as FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), the Convention on Biological Diversity or CNTBio, in Brazil, amongst many others.

Mass media is also a constituitive part of the neoliberal capitalist power. It withholds hegemony in the production, manipulation, circulation and diffusion of information. They have the power to determine public opinion and, when in discord with the state, subordinates it to its own interests. They construct the rules of the game. And the game. They have the sacred autonomy of functioning and do so for profit and power. They operate the domination from two coordinates: the cultural one, in the reproduction of the values, ways of life, preconceptions; and political, modified daily  through the information.

Currently capital, having almost exhausted the possibilities for a geographic colonial expansion, as well as extended the limitations to the virtual space, presents its invasion of a new frontier - the vital organic molecular space. Postindustrial capitalism, as the name suggests, does not anymore possess corporeal properties to assume itself, but a handful of other things: the immaterial commodities. Knowledge ans its transmission, artistic and cultural expressions, and even life had been converted into desirable and preemptable substance. This appropriation also takes away from our bodies the right to a reproductive choice, restrains us with genocide industrialized alimentary systems, arrests us in automobile transportation, sweeping us to apartments in great metropolises or rooms in suburbs of small cities. And we attend seated the spectacular appropriation of the common knowledge.

To investigate which are the different formats of capitalist appropriations, on which terms, under which circustances and what are the real consequencies of them. Consistent tactics of resistance (survival) will only be able to be formed when cultural questions are worked side by side with political questions, for they are not being about different natures. It will be necessary, despite precarious, to unfold this ample domination, to find out strong and weak points and trace strategies of conviviality in the  search of autonomy, not only of state systems, but of all the complex mesh that mobilizes the current formation of the Capital and its diverse tactics of appropriation.

we consider essential that this issue is deepened inexhaustibly

Wanderllyne Selva, Letters coming from Acre, 18th October 2004


"The world is in a convergent dichotomy, but it is going to change."

      -  Jose Abelardo Barbosa de Medeiros

More than ever it becomes hard to decide what harms and what adds to the movements that present themselves as an alternative to the processes of creation of art, culture, language, that each day open distances between people by creating privileges to some explorers. The context of mediatic and artistic activism or cultural resistance is more and more ruled by exterior rules while the life of Leblon of the 8 o'clock soap opera becomes the desire of your own life.

In this sense it is obvious that the authenticity of movements and its power of mobilization are essentially connected to the autonomy exerted in the development of activities and elaborative processes and cultural remix, whatever they are. Everywhere it is ever more delicate the autonomy of practices and thought of groups and networks that intend an approximation between critical theory, art, culture and ?re- (e) laboring? of media and its means of production and control.

To discuss and deepen these issues lets commemorate Submidialogia #3, conference that will be held in Lençóis, state of Bahia. It is for this meeting that we are inviting you, also opening a call for presentation of *rituals of imaginary celebration* and permanent *exhibitions of pseudo-intelectuais experiences* related to the subjects. If there is a group, a being, a coherent performance or expressions of creative discord in relation to the festival, these could be enclosed in the programme through this call.

"The Dogs Bark, but the Carriage does not pass by"

A proposal of integration through submidiatic debates.

The objective of this initiative is to stimulate a critical reflection on the sociopoliticultural transformations that contemporary society thinks it goes through and the effects on subjects that take part on it (the planet is a subject).

The dignity of each person is based, among other many things, in the fact that she is the only one to see the world as she sees it, only she keeps in her eyes and voice an unique history. Therefore it is necessary to meet the other, to hear the other, to be the other.

Submidialogia is a multidisciplinary critical project on participative art, media and technology where all the involved agents - activists,community, theoreticians, artists and public - take part on the artistic process. Through the emergence of different forms of workshops and interactions (philosophical convivialities, electric shocks, daily interventions), the rescue of verbal stories and the creation of mechanisms of public exhibitions inside and outside communities, the project searchs to equip its participants with resources so that they speak about their speculations, advanced studies, practices and that they reflect, through the creative experience, a little of this identity disturbed by the speed of the economic-social transformation.

The starting point of the project is always the conviviality, to share the day-by-day of communities and people, being impregnated little by little of its histories.

The second step are the multimedia integrations - photograph-video and sound, moments of exchange that searchs to inspire individual and collective creative processes, as well as defining the subjects to be prioritized in the expositions carried through.

The third step is the assembly of the expositions, a moment when it happens an intensive and integrator two-way communication. When carrying the voices and the creations of the participants to the artistic space, we reinsert them back to the social mesh from where they are many times isolated. When telling again, many times in an emotionless way, your experience, when enumerating its losses and hopes, these voices look to echo the sentinent space of each one of its interlocutors. And it is this exchange of
sensibilities that approachs individual and collective. Public and Protagonists confuse themselves in a space that instigates the exchange and the attention, a space where personal histories facilitates a bigger understanding of the social fact, without distancing or stereoptypes.



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Lençóis, Bahia
7th - 11th December of 2007

Central Market - Coreto - Avante


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